At Hero Flows we want to focus on building good software. To do that we have choosen to use partnerships to sell, implement and service most clients. We believe in strong partnerships with trust worthy experts that can offer advice and guidance to endusers on all aspects of marketing automation.

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Integration Partnership

Perhaps you sell your own software allready, but have a need to automation communication processes around this softwares core functions. It could be a CRM system, Telemarketing system, Sales system or perhaps something completely different.

As integration partner you can integrate to our platform and be able to offer automated communication processes as part of your solution. The integration is usually easy and straight forward and the gain for your users are massive. Contact us to discuss details on the solution we can build together
Agency Partnership

As an agent your main business it to advice and implement customer journeys and marketing automation. We give you the option to use Hero Flows as a tool to deliver value and solutions fast and easy. Our partnerprogram offers you training, tools and ressources to help you grow your business around marketing automation.

At Hero Flows we see a partnership as a cooperation where we work together to create magic for our shared endusers. We are willing to walk the extra mile and create solutions that fit your specific needs. This is our pledge to help you offer value to your clients.

By starting a partnership you not only get access to customization and technical assistance, you also start building recurring income in your business as our shared clientlist grows. Contact us today to know how we can get started


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