Lead Import, Enrichment and Filtering

The user may freely define a budget target per day, week and month.

  • One cross-channel lead overview
  • Easy rejection of duplicate leads
  • Budget-controlled purchasing - based on amount or volume per day
  • E-mail alerts when channels supply more or less than expected
  • All collected in a single-screen cockpit from where adjustments are easily made


  • Leads are usually imported through a "source"
  • Leads added by agents in telemarketing
  • API-based CRM integration
  • Landing page in Hero Flows
  • From an FTP (or SFTP) server


  • You set up a fixed template containing the fields you want to export. You may create as many templates as you like
  • The template may be exported at a fixed time every day, or as part of your flow
  • Can be sent automatically, or as part of your flow
  • Hero Flows may push an export to either an API, a FTP (or SFTP) server or to one or multiple e-mail reciepients

Easy Blacklist Handling

Create and maintain a list of leads you, for various reasons, may not wish to contact again. Critical for keeping your lead base happy, and an ultimate requirement that you are able to handle these processes ahead of the EU GDRP implementation (May 2018).

Advanced Segmentation

Easy and simple segmentation based on any data field(s), created via drag'n'drop.

  • Create as many segments or contact groups as you like and need
  • Segments may be based on multiple sets of rules - hence both consist of BOTH/AND and EITHER/OR
  • Combine all available data fields - including actions, score and source data

Automated Trigger Flows and Customer Journeys

Automated communications flows (customer journeys) across channels

  • The user may freely define communications channels (e-mail, SMS, telemarketing, landing page) and message (template)
  • After the initial setup, the flow may automatically run every time a customer reaches any given point in the flow
  • The customer journey may be designed across channels

Individual Lead Overview

Easy overview of each individual lead

  • All basic data
  • Permissions, engagement, segment relationship
  • Everything collected in one easy-to-understand place

Drag'n'Drop E-mail Designer and E-mail Marketing Module

No need for designers to design something awesome!

  • Easy and quick creation of e-mail templates via drag'n'drop
  • E-mails made individual using personalized content
  • Use e-mail actions (sent, opened, clicked, not-opened or not-clicked) to trigger the next customer journey step
  • Statistics for all actions
  • Split tests on parameters like content, frequency and sendings
  • Collect and build up knowledge for designing "personas" based on actions
email editor

Drag'n'Drop Landing Page Designer

Just like e-mails - design state-of-the-art landing pages just using drag'n'drop!

  • Same intuitive editor as known from e-mail templates
  • Easy and quick creation of landing pages
  • Collect new leads through landing pages
  • Optionally duplicate lead control if required - and automated update mechanisms when leads, you already know, visit your landing pages
  • Central set of statistics based on all reactions
  • The lead's action on the landing page may of course trigger the next step on the customer journey

SMS Communications

Use SMS in flows:

  • Digital order confirmation via SMS
  • SMS replies will confirm the order purchase
  • Use SMS as marketing channel via keywords
  • Using SMS replies to trigger the next step in the customer journey

Web Tracking

Include all steps in tracking the customer journey and building up knowledge!

  • Understand who visits your site
  • Understand which pages your users are using in particular
  • Measure how long time they spent on each page
  • Measure what they click and interact with on your site
  • Trigger the next step in the customer journey when your users are visiting your site
  • See who leaves your shopping basket before they purchase
  • Option for online warm up or follow-up actions via retargetting

Telemarketing Cockpit

Indispensable cockpit if your are working with multiple telemarketing channels (agencies)

  • One page gives you one cross-agency overview - collecting your telemarketing activities in one overview
  • Easily and quickly move or distribute leads across campaigns and agencies
  • Easy and quick options for reacting to changes needed

Bechmark Lead Channels incl. Conversion, Cost and Revenue

Customizable overview providing all relevant KPIs at all relevant levels.

  • Track revenue and cost per provider, channel and category
  • Break down data into periods
  • All commonly known metrics to measure volume, quality and cost efficiency

Cross-Channel Dashboards

All relevant data and information across all channels, sources and engagement drivers collected in easy-to-overview screens.

  • Flexible creation using charts, tables and metrics across lead- and communications channels
  • The solution is delivered with a series of standard dashboards created already, helping you getting started
  • Drag'n'drop - all users may benefit from maximum flexibility and setup all overviews based on individual needs

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