Comprehensive and Intelligent Lead Handling - All Inclusive - for "ASE"

ASE is one of Denmark's largest suppliers of unemployment insurances. Hero Flows has facilitated a comprehensive and advanced framework, controlling lead purchases across channels, providers and sources down to the cent. Leads are filtered, checked and validated before sent to internal and external sales departments, whom may be talking to the lead few minutes after getting in touch via a landing page. The machine runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while dashboards and reports intelligently flag what to react on if required.

Covering All Details of the Customer Journey at "BlueEnergy"

BlueEnergy is an energy company, supplying Danish companies and individuals with electricy. Hero Flows gives a full overview of the customer journeys across segments and customer types. How leads intially get in touch or are found across channels and media, how they move down the funnel over time and eventually are converted to happy, paying customers, is all automated and visualized via Hero Flows. Making this insight easy-to-use in daily operations, means more focus on the right customer types and reacting to changed required in the right parts of the value chain.

Fully Automating the Sales and Order Process for a Large Digital Communications Provider

Past: Lead on the phone - sales accept - manual creation of contracts and order decriptions - send to lead - wait for them to print, sign, scan and return - fill in order accept pages to be passed on in the organization before products could eventually be found from the stock.

Present: Fully automated sales process where order confirmation is created and sent to the lead after few clicks in a webshop - order accept via a click on a secure landing page - automated sending of order confirmation to lead and order content list to backoffice, for them to ship the products few minutes after talking to the lead on the phone.

This is truly automating the entire sales process, increasing hit rate, maximizing efficiency and giving new customers a picture of a highly professional provider!

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