There are many software providers out there. However, the number of providers who has many years of experience with both software development, deep understanding of customer needs, and hands-on experiences with executing on marketing automation and telemarketing, is much smaller. We are one of those. A comprehensive theoretical background is combined with many years of experiences within working with large, complex companies. In other words, your business is in safe hands when reaching out to us.

We have a large team of developers allowing us to quickly react on customer needs and wishes. Management, QA, testing and implementation is carried out by our Danish managers.



Morten Kremmer


Solutions specialist, bridging wide technical knowledge and an eager to always strive for the ultimate customer solution. Experiences from product management, managing developers, and nerdly striving to identify what makes the difference between the normal and the extraordinary.


Andreas Baran

Head of development

The technical guy - a developer himself (PHP, .NET, MySQL and MSSQL) giving him the ideal abilities to manage the team of developers, handle QA and controlling release processes.


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